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KCS AC Drive
AC Drive is extensively acclaimed by the patrons due to its durability, robustness and tough strength. It is used for controlling the speed of an electrical motor. Along with this, it also enhances the efficiency of the motor and reduces energy consumption.

L&T AC Drives
L&T AC Drives are fabricated for controlling the speed of an electrical motor along with enhancing process control and reducing energy consumption. These are also used for optimizing the operation of different applications that are dependent on electric motors.

Control Panel
Control Panel find its applications in various residential and commercial buildings for electrical control purposes. It is also applicable in factories controlling mechanical equipments. Our offered devices allow smooth functioning, high efficiency and reliability. It controls almost every equipment in the industry.

Soft Starter
Soft Starter is used for protecting AC electric motors and preventing damages that are caused by sudden change in power. It helps in reducing the load as well as force in the power train. This product consist of electrical and mechanical devices.

AC Line Choke
AC Line Choke is used for creating a magnetic field when current flows through it. This device consist of a coil of wire. It is widely admired for its excessive heat prevention properties. Our offered product also hold down high noises.

Frequency Inverter

Get your hands on frequency inverter for your textile machine, pump, conveyor or any other equipment. This light weight inverter is essential to keep the equipment operating optimally.

Repairing Service
We offer Repairing Service for repairing different varieties of AC drives. We have skilled professionals who work hard and provide high efficiency. They repair each and every defect of your device and restore its efficiency. Our service is cost effective and acknowledged for its timely execution.

Variable Speed Drive
Variable Speed Drive is basically type of motor controller which is designed for driving electrical motor by different frequencies. It is widely used for running AC motor at several different speeds. This device provide smooth start up and optimum performance.

Braking Resistor
Braking Resistor is designed for decelerate an electric motor and converting kinetic energy into electrical energy. This device is also eminent in slowing down a mechanical system as well as dispersing heat. It is integrated with high performance efficiency, compact design and more.
AC Servo System
AC servo system comes with an exceptional positional accuracy. This system opts the chart when it comes to resolution, torque rotation speed and feedback speed.
Power Semiconductor
This device is mainly used in power electronics either as a rectifier or a switch. The high efficient power semiconductor device demands only low drive power.
VersaMax Micro Logic Controller
Get in touch with us to source power and reliable VersaMax micro logic controller. It has in-built real-time clock, PID function, HSC, pulse catch and pulse output.
Servo Drives
Plastic injection molding Servo drives, as the very name suggests are used for plastic injection molding machines. Machines driven by the Servo Drives have lower noise level.
Human Machine Interface
Human Machine Interface is also called HMI is a kind of software application which provides information to the user. It is most commonly displayed in a graphic format for providing a visual representation. Widely used in the applications where constant monitoring or feedback is required.

Programmable Logic Controller
Programmable Logic Controller is widely used for controlling of manufacturing process like robotic devices, assembly lines etc. It is capable of monitoring and recording productivity of machine, operating temperature, start and stop processes etc. This device also generates alarms in case of malfunctioning.

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